Friday, January 7, 2011

Our Sick Chicken

This is one eyed Jack, as named before we knew she was a girl. She was very special from the moment we helped her hatch out of her too hard shell. We had some humidity issues with her hatch and lost almost all of the chicks. She lived, mostly because we broke her out of her shell. Her left eye though, seems to have been damaged. Hence the name.  
On monday, 11 days ago, the door to the kennel she is living didn't get closed all the way. She was beaten up pretty bad and actually had her spinal column showing on her neck because the skin had been torn away. It is hard to tell from the photo because of her feathers, but she was in pretty bad shape.
 We irrigated the wound to try to flush out any bacteria, or other microbes. 
 And then I placed 3 sutures to put the skin back together. Suturing a chicken is a new one for me, but I think it went well.
 Jackie is now 11 days out, I removed the sutures tonight and she is doing well. We kept her inside in a large tote since the attack. She will return to the coop tomorrow. She looks like nothing ever happened to her.

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