Friday, January 28, 2011

Injured Chicken Update #2

Despite my best efforts, the chicken with no name has passed away sometime in the night. She was looking pretty good last night too. Had one eye nearly open. Thanks for all of the comments.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh, shoot! I'm so sorry, Mike - it sounded like you were doing all the right stuff.

You asked me on my blog about what I dusted my chickens recently with. Sadly, it is chemical - the first time I've used anything stronger than food grade diatomaceous earth. I was really paranoid about introducing anything new to my flock with the addition of the three new hens and since it has been so wet and moist here (making the D.E. completely ineffective), I made a conscious choice to do this once to make sure nothing new came in. I also removed all food and water from the coop during the process.
Here is a link to what I used:
It ain't pretty, but it's the stuff my chicken mentors use and they say it works well with minimal impact to their chickens.
Depending on what your weather is currently like, have you tried dusting with D.E. first?

Mike said...

We haven't tried anything. Too worried about the chemicals. We have been reading up on it.

Mr. H. said...

So sorry, you did everything possible....and if it's any consolation you gave my wife and I lots to think about so that maybe we can avoid this issue in the future.