Friday, December 3, 2010

Mousing, Halpern Homestead record, and winter madness.

Since the addition of a silly cat named Henry awhile back, the mice have been on high alert. He is a master hunter! We often find mousicles in the yard or see him throwing them around. He brings them to the house to show off, then him and Julies throw the mouse around for awhile. 
How about a play by play.......
He waits in the bushes before slowly creeping out.
Looks around for prey.
Licks his lips in anticipation.
He then enlists the help of his hired 'Muscle'
He marks the spot.
 She digs.
No luck here
 Hi dad.

Winter gave Spokane a huge blast this past week or so. It is so cold, the birds are reluctant to come out if the coop. Usually just the webbed footed ones are brave enough to test the cold. It was -8 degrees last week. Brrrr.
 The birds know how to keep warm though. They make big bird piles at night and huddle up together.
 They also set a Halpern Homestead record yesterday. A 20egg day! That's a lot. We have been getting over a dozen a day for more then a week, and the productivity keeps increasing. Each day another egg more than the last.

It's also Chanukah right now so we have lots of family dinners to attend. We hosted the family at our house last night. We served free range turkey and a vegetarian spaghetti. Everything was so good!
 We tried to take a family photo, but Henry wasn't having any of that.
 That's better.
 Grandpa and Grandma Halpern.
 Some photos of the snow mess.

 We bought this 300gallon stock tank on CL for $125. We plan to us it as a bigger pond for the webbies this spring. Just need to flatten some ground for it. We will also use it for livestock when we move to our forever home.

That's it! Thanks for reading


Mr. H. said...

What a great family photo...made me smile.:)

It sounds like you have quite the mouser there....with a little help from his "muscle" of course.:) We just adopted another (stray) cat too.

Wow, it is really amazing that your egg production is picking up this time of year...20 eggs in a day, how neat is that.

Enjoy your celebration of chanukah.

Anonymous said...

Great photo of you all. Love all the pictures. Looks like you need some recipes for all those eggs. it take a dozen eggs to make a Angel Food Cake. It is so good it needs nothing to top it off. I also make onion and spinach quiche with my eggs. On occasion I treat myself to a dozen deviled eggs in to put in the fridge to snack on during the week.

Wishing you a wonderful celebration of Chanukah.