Saturday, October 23, 2010

Free food!

Kelsi and I came across a sweet deal on apples and grapes yesterday. They were free! A friend of my parents is moving out of state this month and they had grape vines and apple trees that were loaded, and the fruit was going to stay that way all winter. So we went and picked some! I picked 80 pounds of apples and 50 pounds of grapes. My mom and dad picked 112 pounds of grapes and 193 pounds of apples. If anyone out there has any suggestions for us on how to us all of this, let us know!

The unfortunate thing about grapes, is that they are on a vine. We diligently separated the grapes from their stems for a couple hours. We had some help from our animal friends to. 
It was hard work!
This is the end result. The grapes are in a 7.5 gallon pot. 
 Yumm! This is what 114cups of grapes looks like! But, we couldn't have done it without all of the help we received from our four legged friends

Thanks for reading!


flowerpower said...

Here is a site with recipe for grapes.

Your critters are soooo cute.

Mr. H. said...

I think that our little grape vines produced maybe 10 - 15 lbs this year and it took me about an hour liberate them from their stems. I can't imagine what a chore 50 lbs was to process... Yikes!

I love that giant pot, where on earth did you get it from?

Kelsi said...

The giant pot is actually a pot for the turkey fryer we bought for harvesting the chickens. It is huuuuuge. I think we bought it at Big R.

Sue, thank you for the website. I will check it out!

John Gray said...

cider and wine!!!
guess you know my vices

that airedale is adorable

Leigh said...

Fabulous deal I would say!

Mike said...

Mr. H, we actually got the pot from Sports authority in spokane at the valley mall. I wasn't too expensive and it came with a propane burner. Not sure if thats anywhere near you. Seemed to be the best deal in the area

Mike said...

flowerpower- great link thanks! I like it, very simple and pictures too!

Anonymous said...

Hello to you both.

If you can't get to the grapes right away the good thing is they can be frozen as is till you can. I have 5 gallons of grapes in my freezer because after processing 15 gallons of grapes making jellies and jams I needed a break. I will probably process them in the winter when I am stuck inside.
Did I mention I occasionally snack on frozen grapes. :)