Monday, September 20, 2010

Poor Little Khma

Khma had to have surgery last Thursday to fix her luxating patella. This is her right after surgery.

She was very sad and would cry whenever we would touch her. It was awful!

But on the plus side, this is her today...

Even though she looks a little scared here, she is actually doing a lot better. She is hopping around on her three legs and appears to be pretty happy. Thank goodness.

For the first day she wouldn't eat or drink, so I went out and bought some baby food for her. Since she is doing so much better, I gave the rest of her baby food to Jules.

She was having fun playing with the bowl.

I'm surprised there isn't more rice on her nose!

It is amazing the love that I feel for these silly animals. 

They are really like my children. 



Oxray Farm said...

Oh how sad! Was she born with the bad knee or did it develop later?

She is so happy and free I doubt this will keep her down for long. Khma does look really miserable in that first picture though.

I feel the same about out little munchkin dog Kai, she is my furry daughter.

Kelsi said...

Her condition is genetic.. but it did develop over time. Poor baby.

Jabacue said...

Too cute!

Mr. H. said...

Poor little girl, I hope she feels a lot better soon. They are both absolutely adorable.

John Gray said...

there is nothing more pathetic than a poorly dog

best wished for her recovery¬!!!