Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chicks are growing up so fast!

For those of you who already know our dog Juliette, this may not be a surprise to you, but she loves baby chicks, ducks, geese, and anything else new on the farm. We have our hatching operation setup in the office of our house. Julies waits in front of the door at all hours hoping to get in.
This is the bin that holds the fresh babies when they are still fragile.
We gave them some play time out of the bin to see how stable they were with temperature changes.
Looks like they were pretty safe.
They grow up so fast! We decided today, that they were ready to go to the outside brooder box in the coop. 
So we gathered them up!
One by one, we gathered a handful and headed for the barn.
A safe arrival. They were very happy. Running around and exploring.
Jumping too! Top right of the photo!
Last couple in.
White chicken "Ummm.... Hello? Are you leaving us here? Don't you see that big fuzzy thing in the window? Take her please!!!!"
Julies loves the chickens!
We have 24 more eggs in the incubator now. As of 9/9/10 24 of 24 were fertile. They should come out on Sept. 25th. Very excited for this! I am really enjoying having baby chicks in the fall. It used to be that baby chicks were a sign of spring. Not at the Halpern Homestead! Chicks year round!

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Oxray Farm said...

I love Juliette's face through the wire window! Our little one Kai does that too, but she gives up quick and wants to play ball. LOL.