Saturday, August 28, 2010

Guess what we have!!

Awesome day so far today! Kelsi and I went to the Spokane Farmer's Market this morning for a little bit. When we got home after only being gone for an hour, we heard a chirping noise. We weren't sure where the noise came from so we went to investigate. We discovered the source of the noise. The incubator.
We peered inside and this is what we found.
This is a baby chick from Jane's nest of 16 eggs that we posted about earlier. We found the nest in a field after she had been missing for weeks. This is the first egg we have ever hatched! Now we actually have genetic relationships on our farm! There are also a couple of eggs that appear to be cracking, which means that we will soon have more chicks! How cool is that?
Also today we had a couple named Jennifer and Jake come out to see our operation and to decide if they wanted to support our organic chicken business. They decided to purchase 20 chickens! We chatted and walked around for nearly an hour this morning, talking about everything from chickens to gardens and bees. It was a nice visit from some nice people. It is very refreshing to have intelligent conversations with people who share similar ideals as us. We keep meeting really cool people through our explorations into organic production. 

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taylorgirl6 said...

Congratulations! What wonderful news, and definitely a great way to spend the day. Keep the baby pictures coming!