Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Chicks by the Handfull!

Cute chicks huh? Now focus. We will get back to them again soon....

The Halpern Homestead acquired a small stream this weekend. On Saturday we noticed a small leak coming from the ground around the water faucet outside the chicken coops. We didn't think much of it since much of the "workings" around here seem to be faulty. This leak ended up being extra faulty. That small leak turned into The Halpern Homestead Creak. 
This is where it started. Looks innocent enough, right? Just a small puddle. Follow me please.
It's hard to tell by the picture, but the water is flowing gallons per minute. It had flooded part of the meater's coop before I noticed it. 
After some careful trench work, the water was redirected into the meater's pasture field. It could use a little perking up. The grass was looking a little brown.
The webbed footed gang found the stream and a little pond that formed at the end. They were all having a nice swim until I showed up with the camera. I think they have a sonar detecter for 'puddles forming'. They responded faster than the fire station down the street would have, if we had a house fire. This stream was complicated by the fact that we are renting our home. We therefore cannot fix things that are broken or we could be held responsible. So we had to wait two days for the people to come out and fix it. They came out this morning while we were gone. Looks like they dug a pretty big hole, lots of tractor marks too. I would have liked to see what machinery they used to dig a hole that big.

Ready for some baby chicks?
We took pictures of each of them right after they hatched.
Chick 1
Chick 2
Chick 3
Chick 4
Chick 5
Now just some cute chick pics
It's amazing how different they all look considering they came from the same rooster and the hen.

That's it for now!
Thanks for Reading.

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