Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Amazing Disappearing Hen

This is Jane. She is a Banty Aurcana. She has been missing for two weeks. She made an appearance today and I almost peed my pants! I thought that she was dead for sure. Today, we noticed Khma in the bushes and decided to see what she was doing. Sure enough, there was our silly Jane!

She was hiding 14 eggs. She wants to be a mommy so badly! However, since we kind of trampled the bush when we were checking her out, we decided to take her eggs into a roost in the coop and, hopefully,  Jane would still sit on them.

Although she looks interested in the picture.. she was not. She ran off quickly and returned to her original spot even thought the eggs were gone. 

We had one casualty... This poor little fella was stone cold when we began to take them to the coop and we knew that if it was fertilized, it was dead. Since this this the first time that we are going to be taking care of fertilized eggs.. we wanted to see what it looked like inside. 

Is that morbid?

I think this little fella is between 10 and 15 days along. I could be totally wrong though. 

I turned on the incubator about an hour ago. I am going to monitor it to make sure it is at a consistant temperature, before I stick those little buggers in there. 

In the meantime, I stuck the eggs under two of our broody hens. They were all to happy to sit on them. It was kind of cute actually. 


DebH said...

nope...not morbid...but curious! I would of wanted to look also, and good save on incubating that many eggs. You'll have chicks in now time I suspect!! I want to see the outcome on that for sure!! Very Cool!

John Gray said...

i once found over 60 eggs in the field borders!!!
that did my nut in!

sophie said...

this is so foreign to me...however I'm learning so much..tks