Saturday, July 3, 2010

A long post before we tie the knot and go on vacation!

Hello All! Sorry for the long time without any posts. Last most of you heard Lois was missing, we believe she was eaten by a coyote. We found a lot of feathers but no carcass. RIP Lois, you were a good chicken and thanks for providing us with wholesome and healthy eggs. you will be missed.

As most of you guys know, Kelsi and I are getting married on July 11th. We have been very busy. We have both been putting in lots of extra hours at work to help cover for us taking 3 weeks off together. It has been hard keeping up with all the wedding stuff, the farm, and work. This will be our last post until we get back from our honeymoon in Jamaica. So for that we are sorry. Thanks!

How about some pics?
We have had some naughty layers going where they shouldn't. The top nest is Dori's(She is broody right now and we are letting her sit on some fertile eggs) she was laying behind an above ground pond we have for the waterfowl. The bottom nest belongs to one of our pullets who just reached maturity. She was and still is laying under a utility trailer in the weeds.

Now to the garden....
Kelsi and I have a great lettuce crop this year, which is great because it's our first time growing lettuce.
Holy lettuce patch!
First ever harvest of garlic! Kelsi made a nice braid and hung it in the kitchen to dry.
The greenhouse is doing so well. There is a lot of growing happening in there right now.
First cucumber, as long as my hand
Pickler cucumber plant covered in blooms.
Another cuc, nearly ready to eat
Long season crops that don't do so well in our short growing season are thriving in the greenhouse.
For the wedding Kelsi and I are using mason jars with strawberry plants in them. They are growing so well. Even fruiting!
This Box is bursting with strawberry goodness!

In the end of the greenhouse we built a raised bed for tomatoes and they are doing very well. If you click the picture you can see how tall they are. For reference I am 6'0. 
Our ten tomato plants outside. Not nearly as tall. But they are coming along.
Corn patch. Knee high by the forth of July right? They look pretty darn good!
Our sugar snap peas are just coming into season.
She selects the best pea.
Such amazing growth, all without the use of fertilizers and pesticides! 
Broad beans(Fava Beans) that we got from the USDA
Sun setting on another day in the garden
Pole beans.

How about some Birds? 
Sophie and Willis in for a swim before bed.

The waterfowl have finally let Pierre into their group.
Sophie has become quite the mother for him. She will guide him to her when he is crying with her loud honking noises that she makes
The webbed foot gang, clearly on a mission

We recently acquired a baby wild turkey. Kelsi's sister crystal found him all alone and cold so she called Kelsi and we gladly accepted, Kelsi's sister named him gravy. We may or may not eat him, it hasn't been decided yet. He is pretty darn cute though!
He is very shy.
This was not a fun time for him. He doesn't like being held.
The meaters are growing so fast. We started with 41 and still have 41 as of tonight when we put them to bed. We had lost 20% of our cornish cross in the first two weeks we had them, so these results are welcomed!
Dinner time.
Kelsi and her dinner.

Well, thanks for reading. It was a long one. We will be married in 8 days and then are off to Jamaica for a week. Lots of out of town family coming into town, so we will be very busy. 

Thanks for reading!


taylorgirl6 said...

Best of luck to you, and congrats! I loved the pictures. It felt like taking a stroll through your farm. You've got a lot to be proud of, so keep up the good work! Oh, and by the way, GO COUGS! (love the shirt, Kelsi)

Kelsi said...

Haha Thanks, Taylor!

John Gray said...

love the geese!!! but watch the tukey with all those hens around, they pick up "blackhead" easily when very young......

great photos good luck with the marriage plans!

Jabacue said...

Hey, congrats ! Not a bad harvest at all!

Inky and Molly said...

Hi there. Have a great wedding!
When you're back you must tell us all about it, and about that beautiful Airedale in the photo!!!
Inky and Molly

Callie said...

Congratulation to you two! Have a wonderful trip.

Moosicorn Ranch said...

Great photos! You've got quite an operation going on there. We've officially got greenhouse envy over here now! :)