Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rescuing Baby Quail

Today on facebook, I saw that an old high school friend had found some baby quail who's momma had abandoned them. He stated that he didnt know how to care for them and I offered to take them and try to nurse them back to health, since we already had all the materials to care for chicks. When he arrived, one had already passed away on the way over. So, I carefully placed them in the brooder with some chick feed and water.

When Mike checked on them a few hours later, we were down three more. That meant we had 6.

I arrived home from work and found three more had died. I am beginning to get frustrated! I want to save these little guys so badly. These remaining three seem to be doing alright, but I guess the last three appeared to be ok too.

Does anyone who has experience with raising quail have any advice? I feeling so sad and helpless that I cant save them.


Barbara said...

I raise baby quail. They need an lamp at all times. Must be kept warm. I keep them at 99 degrees at all times. The water and food is good. It's look like a chicken waterer. You might want to put pebbles in it if they are week so they do not drown. They do have waterer's for quail but you can use what you have just adding the pebbles. Again, Keeping them warm is most important. Good Luck.

If you go to my blog and go to the Blog Archive and choose Quail, then scroll down you will see my homemade brooder for quail.

Barbara said...

After looking closer at the pic you have you need to get the food lower. They like to pick off the ground. They may eventually use the feeder but put some on ground also. You also need to get them on a old towel or paper towels for traction. Or they will develop splayed legs. If you use paper towels or towel just put the feed right on the towel. Possibly water lower too. Maybe you can provide a ramp if they cannot easily reach the chick waterer. Quail waterer's are much smaller and lower. Good Luck and email me if you have any other questions.

Kelsi said...

Only one made it over night. We are slowly killing them!

Kelsi said...

Thank you for your insight, Barbara.

Barbara said...

Kelsi, Don't be to hard on yourself. This is something you do not have experience with. Even under the best circumstances they are difficult to raise. I am fortunate enough to stay at home full time and take care of the homestead. When I have baby quail I check on them about every 15 minutes the first two sometimes three days after hatching. They are fragile creatures. I am sure you have done your very best. When you know better you do better. That applies to all of us. Just this last hatch I caused two babies to die as of a result of overheating because I did not realize the Thermometer had come off of what secures it and was reading the wrong temperature. I had to sweep the others up and hold them over the ac vent in my hands to get them cooled down quickly and also had to do a gentle cpr on them. Fortunately I only lost two. Wisdom comes from experience.

Kelsi said...

We lost the last one this afternoon. :-( Thank you for your kind words. Next time, we will know a little better about what to do.