Sunday, June 6, 2010

Don Pierre

Welcome the newest member to our family, Don Pierre. He is an African goose mixed with another breed. Kelsi insisted that Sophie was lonely and needed a buddy, so she wouldn't be the third wheel with the ducks anymore. So we bought another goose. 

This is how the introduction went...

Pierre "These are some tasty grasses"
Sophie "Umm... whose that?"
Don Pierre "Oh hi guys! Would you like to be equals"
Willis "Come over here and introduce your self"
Pierre "Hi, I am Pierre, I came from Northwest Seed and Pet"
Willis Pecks with the full force of her beak "Quiet Down you!"
Sophie "Hey! Hey!"
 Sophie "Break it up you two!"
Kelsi "Oh no! " Snatches up Pierre before there was a webbed foot brawl
Safe for another day
We will try again tomorrow. So far though, the ducks were less than impresed

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

That was funny!

Kelsi said...

I cant believe you posted that picture of me.

John Gray said...

i have two weeks before my goose eggs hatch (hopefully)

he looks lovely