Thursday, June 17, 2010

Have you seen this chicken?

While closing the coop every night, I count all the babies to make sure that everyone is accounted for.  Well, when doing the rounds, I found that our rhode island red, Lois, is missing. I have searched our land and I cant find her. This is not like her. She is always one of the first in the coop. I hope she turns up...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rescuing Baby Quail

Today on facebook, I saw that an old high school friend had found some baby quail who's momma had abandoned them. He stated that he didnt know how to care for them and I offered to take them and try to nurse them back to health, since we already had all the materials to care for chicks. When he arrived, one had already passed away on the way over. So, I carefully placed them in the brooder with some chick feed and water.

When Mike checked on them a few hours later, we were down three more. That meant we had 6.

I arrived home from work and found three more had died. I am beginning to get frustrated! I want to save these little guys so badly. These remaining three seem to be doing alright, but I guess the last three appeared to be ok too.

Does anyone who has experience with raising quail have any advice? I feeling so sad and helpless that I cant save them.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pizza Night

Tonight, I thought we would have pizza for dinner. I have never made pizza before, but I have this great vegetarian cookbook that has a recipe for pretty much anything! You can purchase the cookbook here. I started out by preparing the dough.

Then, I had to cook up the pizza sauce. It was delicious. I have cooked this same sauce to use on spaghetti and with eggplant parmesan. It is fast, easy and very tasty.

Once the dough had risen and my sauce was ready, I patted out the dough and created my raw pizza! We like mushrooms and peppercini's on our pizzas.

And... here is the finished product. It was delicious and only in the oven for about 8 minutes on 500 degrees. I tend to like the dough a little doughier and it was perfect. 

If you are interested in creating this delicious pizza, let me know and I will email it to you!

Lots of love.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

Rain, rain, go away.

The weather here in Eastern Washington has been so gloomy. It has been raining.. no no pouring every day for a little over a week now. The chickens hate it, but the ducks and Sophie love the rain. It is pretty cute.  I looked out our window the other day and I saw my silly goose with her entire head under water in a  deep mud muddle that she had created. I figure she is busy searching for bugs.. or worms.. or maybe she is just funny.

During the brief sunshine we had, the water fowl decided it would be fun to play in a big mud puddle that had formed. They love it. It cracks me up.

That same day I took a picture of our one and only rooster. his name is Negus and he thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread. He likes to do little dances for his ladies and show off his enormous wing span. Too bad the ladies dont want anything to do with him.  Perhaps it is a hygiene issue. 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Don Pierre

Welcome the newest member to our family, Don Pierre. He is an African goose mixed with another breed. Kelsi insisted that Sophie was lonely and needed a buddy, so she wouldn't be the third wheel with the ducks anymore. So we bought another goose. 

This is how the introduction went...

Pierre "These are some tasty grasses"
Sophie "Umm... whose that?"
Don Pierre "Oh hi guys! Would you like to be equals"
Willis "Come over here and introduce your self"
Pierre "Hi, I am Pierre, I came from Northwest Seed and Pet"
Willis Pecks with the full force of her beak "Quiet Down you!"
Sophie "Hey! Hey!"
 Sophie "Break it up you two!"
Kelsi "Oh no! " Snatches up Pierre before there was a webbed foot brawl
Safe for another day
We will try again tomorrow. So far though, the ducks were less than impresed

Thanks for reading!