Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Greenhouse is busting at the seems!

As most of you all know, Kelsi and I have been growing like crazy in our new greenhouse this spring. We have grown so much that we are actually having a plant sale tomorrow at our house. I just wanted to share some pictures since we are very proud of all that we have done.

The tape measure is hidden in the back but this tomato plant is nearly 16in tall!

We have 21 tomato plants for sale

These are the pepper plants. We hoped for better growth but they are doing pretty well.
Beans and squash plants

Smaller squash plants, cucumbers, and melons
We had some dead space under the shelves so we put a few raised beds in the greenhouse under them.
This is the tomato bed. We planted it earlier this week, three weeks earlier than normal in this area.
This is an experiment bed. We planted a couple melons in it just to see how well they grow under cover.
The view from the door. Shows the new beds and all the plants.

Lower view from the door.

These are the pepper plants we are also growing inside the greenhouse. We planted 5 total inside

One of our melon plants in our raised bed. Looks pretty good
Apple blossoms sure are beautiful!
The apple tree is filling out nicely!

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taylorgirl6 said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I have greenhouse envy.