Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Farm is Starting to Look Awfully Fowl!

At the Halpern Homestead, we are having to wade through a yard full of birds, hopping and jumping all the way. We love baby chicks, so we have a lot of full grown hens now. We like it, but our yard is always full of them. They have acres to run on, but they really only like to be by the house in the front yard. Heres what the yard looked like a couple of days ago.

Tawny, Lois, Rhonda
Rhonda, Betty, Lois
Kelsi and Tawny
Willis! Our female duckin
Sophie's head and Willis
Blue, our male duck
Sophie and Willis
The water fowl running from the camera. 
Julies and I looking for squirrels

If anyone is wondering why we have been posting so much these past two days, we have a good reason. The garden is planted. The weather is poopy. We are running out of spring projects. Just today Kels asked me how much paint costs so we can paint an out building thats looking a little rough.

Thanks for reading!


Callie said...

We have poopy weather here too. Sure does cut down on working on projects. Loved meeting the fowl crew. Great photos!

All American x5 said...

Sorry to hear about your weather. We are having gorgeous weather.

Loved the photos! We have fowl running wild in our yard too.

They have several acres to frolick in and they hang about near us. They are very social animals.

I have enjoyed the posts and can't wait to read about your next projects.

sophie said...

love your dogs and I love to be hugged as well!