Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chicken type CSA

So, Kelsi and I just finished our first batch of meat chickens, and we have another batch of 30 arriving at the end of May. We are pretty good with chickens and really want to expand our farming practices, so we were thinking that this might be a good way for us to get into farming.. raising organic meat for others. Although, we would differ from the organic stores because we really want to incorporate the consumer into the act of processing the chicken. So, we are thinking of starting a chicken CSA ( community supported agriculture ) type operation. We haven't worked all the details out yet, but we were thinking that each customer pays the price of 4 chicks from the hatchery and one bag of organic feed of their choosing. We raise the chickens and when they reach maturity, you come help us by working one of our stations in the processing operation by either helping process or package the chickens. In return, we will raise them, feed them, change their bedding, let them out in the morning, bring them in at night, and just provide love. If you want additional chicken past that you can pay us a price per pound for organic free range chicken. 
I really enjoyed my experience with the last batch and think that others could benefit from the experience as well. It really brings you a step closer to your food. Cut out the middle man, the fossil fuels, the hormones, the antibiotics. Just get so real wholesome chicken the way it should be raised. We would also sell these wholesome chickens at a price per pound if helping process would be too hard for people.
If you have any advice r suggestions about this please let us know. We are still working out the details so this is all subject to change, but we think this could be a rewarding experience for us and the consumer. Please offer any advice you can think of or any experience you may have in this field.

Thanks for reading! 

2 comments: said...

love the idea as i've been wanting to learn the process for awhile. might be tempted to come all the way from seattle for that much fun!

Melodie said...

Thanks for stopping by my place! We raise our own chickens too and I can a lot of the meat for quick meals and make our broth too! It takes extra time but I love it! I love to can everything,it may be an addiction,lol!