Thursday, April 8, 2010

Photo Update

We haven't posted much lately so I figured we would do another photo update since most of this stuff is pretty small.

This is the Venous Fly Trap we bought in portland this last December. It was looking pretty dead for a while but it seems to be thriving now.
The meat birds are growing so fast. We had to take them out of their brooder because they were starting to get so big, and they were picking on each other. They now have open floor space to run, even though they just sit next to the food and water all day.
We also took the little pullets and ducks out of their brooder and put them in with the big girls!

When we got the ducks a couple weeks ago, we had to take the biggest pullets out of the brooder and put them with the hens because they were being a little bully. Today when they rest of the chicks were brought into the hen house the little pullets that have been separated for a week or so, ran right up to them. They were so excited to be all together again.

The ducks seem to have found their place in the flock. Little Mere, our banty silkie hangs out with the ducks all the time.

The ducks are already the same size as the other chicks and they are half the age.
Bath time!
Juliette really loves the tub. She sits in it and licks up the water drops after we shower.
Khma hates the bath, absolutely hates it
You can see her anger!
Kelsi and I made our first 100% organic meal the other night. We had beets with sauteed beet greens and steams with a lentil and potato dish. It was really good.

We haven't ever had beets before so it was quite the experience.

That's it! Thanks for reading.


John Gray said...

I am so thinking of having some table chickens ( all I have is egg producers)
do u feed them differently?

Anonymous said...

You going to love all the eggs that your Khaki Campbell ducks will give you. They will start laying at about 6 months. The duck eggs are the best for baking. They make the best cakes. Of course they are also good for breakfast as well.