Monday, April 19, 2010

The newest member of our family..

Mike has been really wanting some ducks to live on our little expanding farm. I, on the other hand, kind of wanted a goose! However, Mike won and I let him get two ducks. They are pretty boring. Im not gonna lie. They really dislike us too. The second they see us, they freak out and run the other direction! Silly ducks. I was a little bummed that we didnt hold out for some geese instead and always saw the little  geese at farm stores and wanted to take on home! Oh well..

Well, last friday, I got up with enough time to go to northwest seed and pet and get some potato bags and then make it to yoga. Northwest Seed and Pet always has an array of animals and I love to go in a look at the puppies and chicks and stuff. That is exactly what I did. I was a little disappointed that there werent any cute puppies for me to snuggle, but then I saw her. One lone little goose all alone in a cage.  I knew I had to adopt her.

The person I spoke with said that a couple who were living in a trailer had dropped her off because they realized they cant have a goose where they live. She was so sweet that I took her home right then. She didnt even sit in her box on the way home.  She sat on my lap and looked out the window!

When I got her home I ran in to show Mike. I was very excited. She followed me where ever I went and I felt bad leaving her while I showered. So, she sat in the bathroom during that time and pecked at herself in the mirror. It was so sweet.

I didnt know what to do with her! Not only was she following me everywhere, but she would cry when I got too far too! It was precious. So, I let her hang out with me while I worked on de-rocking the raised beds. Did I mention that she likes to try and taste anything that is near?

Well, it has been a few days and she has become quite independent. She still cries for me when I am too far and she still tries to follow me everywhere and attempts to eat my hair, but she has helped the ducks venture out and she likes to play in the grass on the lawn and swim in her little pool. The ducks seem to be getting better.

I cant wait to see how she develops. She is SO sweet. Oh, and we named her Sophie. Sophie the goose.

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Barbara said...

Adorable! She is so cute. You can make friends with your ducks by dicing up tomatoe and everytime you go to see them give them some. You will be their best friend. You can even use canned tomatoes if you wish. They also love spinach and lettuce.