Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Documentary review: Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America's Greatest Threat

Tonight at work I had a bit of downtime so I figured I would try to watch a new food documentary that I had not seen. I found a great list for those of you who are interested in some movies on what and how we as a nation need to change in order to survive.
Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America's Greatest Threat is a very well put together documentary that was mostly focused on the affect that the food industry has on our children and young adults. There is a wide focus on American policy, as well as advertising directed at our children. The American government seems to be so comfortable in bed with these multinational powerhouse producers of garbage food, that they have lost sight of what is important. What is most important are our children! The successors of our legacies. The children, who parents work so hard to raise, now have a shorter life span than their parents.

Whenever I watch these documentaries I am always further convinced that Kelsi and I are doing the right thing. Not only for us now, but for our future children and those in our community who benefit from us producing our own food. This would be a great movie for anyone who has a child eating school lunches or who eats anything you didn’t prepare for them. Kelsi and I just have animals for now but someday we will have our own little ones and I sure hope things are different by then.

As always actions speak louder than words. Kelsi and I were mostly shopping at the big grocery stores around our area (Albertson’s/ Wal-Mart), but nearly 2 months ago we stopped supporting those businesses and began shopping solely at our local organic and natural living store Huckleberry's. This has been a great change for us, not only financially, but lifestyle wise. Preparing meals and snacks for work now takes some thought on my part. I cannot just grab a handful of granola bars and some canned chili and run out the door. My lunch for work the last 5 nights has had an organic apple, orange, banana, and a large organic salad in it each night. This is vastly different from a couple months ago. Our days of processed foods are quickly coming to an end.

A blog without pictures isn't very exciting, so here is a picture of my beautiful bride to be and her favorite little bird, Sophie!

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Barbara said...

Congratulations on giving up the processed food. I have worked my way up to baking my own bread. Baking three loaves at a time and freezing two. The Documentary 'How to cook your life' Find Nirvana in the Kitchen really got me motivated. You can view on Netflix instantly. Botany of Desire is another good.

Really cute picture your wife to be and her little friend.