Friday, March 19, 2010

The raised beds are finished!

 After much work the raised beds are finished.

We ended up with 6 beds each 4ft wide by 16ft long. This gives us a total raised bed square feet of 384. This doesn’t sound like a lot considering our garden is just over 900sq ft. So we have about half the area; this also means we have half the area to weed and water. Saving time, water and money. We are going to do a planting method called intensive planting, which is basically the same as packing as many kids into the minivan as possible. 

First we cut the boards to length and set them up in position.
Second we drilled pilot holes so we wouldn't crack the wood.
With the help of my two beautiful assistants we attached the boards with 3in deck screws.
Screws are out of line to keep the wood from cracking later on. ;)
All filled up! This was the hardest part of all. Two back breaking and time consuming days were spent filling these up and sifting out the rocks and weeds. But they really look nice. 
This is the end of the garden where our compost piles and raspberry bushes will go. The tree is alone for now, but the raspberries will be here soon and the old metal bucket will hold the strawberries when we bring them from inside.

This will prove to be a really interesting season, since most of the gardening stuff we are doing this year is new to us. Kelsi and I have already learned so much since we planted our starts earlier this month. We haven’t ever planted our veggies from seed, we will also be watering with drip irrigation, and we have raised a raised bed system, also new. 

As always, thanks for reading.

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Callie said...

Beautiful planter boxes! I still have to make my boxes. Lasagna gardening? I haven't heard of it before. I am a new gardener trying out a way of improving our poor soil with hugelkultur. I found it while searching for gardening ideas. I will be reading your blog learning about intensive planting. Thank you.