Friday, March 12, 2010

Picture Updates!!

From chicken to frying pan in less than an hour! 
I believe this one is from Fancy (the gray cochin on our header picture)
This is Dory. She has decided to become broody over the last couple of days. We keep kicking her out of the coop and she keeps returning! She sure is persistent! So.. We decided to test her out...

Whats this under her?? Cashmere (Right) and Dolly J (left)! 
They sure did like being under Dory. I think Dory liked it too. Whenever another chicken would come near her with them under her, she would screech! 
Aren't they are precious. I love my chickens. Sometimes, I think a little too much.


Mike said...

Mere sure is cute!

Nels said...

Make sure to keep an eye on the hen. We left some chicks that were being picked on with a hen that had hatched some of her own chicks and she seemed fine at first but later we came back and she had killed it.

Mike said...

That is good advise. We have been pretty lucky that she is so gentle. WE have only done it a couple times since it makes me kinda nervous.