Monday, March 15, 2010

Our First Tree!

Kelsi and Penelope
Securing the tree to our study new fence posts

On saturday Kelsi and I went to Costco to buy some potting soil for our starts that are a bit too large for the starting trays. Costco has the large bags for like 12 bucks or so. While we were there we happened onto some mixed fruit trees. These trees were very special. They are variety trees that have more than one type of fruit per tree. We decided on an apple tree that we named Johnny..... Like Johnny Apple seed. It has 3 types of apples, golden delicious, golden crisp, and an unlabeled branch that will be our mystery fruit.  We went to home depot and bought a huge plastic pot as we hope to take this tree with us when we leave to our permanent farm, whenever that may be. We came home and planted it. That makes Johnny tree, the first tree we have ever planted and the first thing to grow in our newly fortified garden (damn deer). Anyways, just wanted to share that, as we thought it was a pretty cool thing that we planted our first tree.
Rhonda Keeping an eye on the flock

Hoping for the best here! Keep you fingers crossed!

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