Friday, March 19, 2010

Mean mom!

So, every other Thursday I have to stay awake late to prepare myself for my week of overnight work at the hospital. So now I have time to post some updates! 

This particular update has to do with Kelsi and her meanness towards the smallest of the chickens that run around our land. 

Our coup is a multipurpose purpose building housing the hen’s quarters, a storage area, and an old meat animal side with a lot of pens to raise the meat animals (Rabbits/ Chickens/ ETC). This side of the building has turned out to be a perfect place for the little chicks to grow until they are big enough to join the ladies. 

We have to check on the chicks a few times a day still because they are still pretty needy/cute, either way. We check on them a lot. On this day, Kelsi went into their area before she went to work so she could check on the little ones. 

A few hours have passed and I am coming outside to check the flock and I hear this awful yelling. The kind of yelling that can only come from a hen that is really pissed off! I run across the yard to the source of the noise and find this..... Naturally I grab the camera

This is Jane, our Banty Auracona cross. She is very well trapped in the small area reserved for the cheeps.

If you can't tell from her stride, she is frantic. Free range hens don't tolerate being locked up very well. She is so worked up! I can't even catch her to show her the way out. I eventually had to grab a stick and nudge her in the right direction. I guess her small stature made it possible for her to sneak past Kelsi and get locked up for the afternoon. Lesson learned.

She even left a present for us. Even though she spent all of her energy pacing and yelling for us to let her out. Turned out she left us a tasty egg too! We used it in our teriyaki stir fry that night.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

My first visit to your blog and looking forward to keeping up with your post.

Yes, the chickens do make alot of noise when something is wrong. I go running everytime mine do so that I can make sure everything is OK. Several times they have been alerting me and the other chickens to a dog, turtle, deer, hawks, etc...They let you know when something is out of the norm.

Kelsi said...

I am SUCH a mean mom. Poor little Jane.!