Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello ducks.

Last spring Kelsi and I bought a couple ducks that were a few months old, unfortunately they were killed in the middle of the night by an unknown predator. Since then I have been trying to convince Kels that we need to get some more ducks. Today She finally said yes! I bought two from Aslin Finch.

Ducks and chicks. Introductions were a bit informal but they seem to get along alright.

This is Blue. Named after the blue beak.
This little guy still needs a name. Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading!


Callie said...

How about Coco, like from chocolate since he is brown. My daughter wants to get some ducks. So, that is in the works. We have to order them. Your little ducks are so cute!

Anonymous said...

The ducks look like Khaki Campbells. Sorry I do not have a suggestion for a name. You will think of one.
I love my Khaki Campbells!
There eggs are the size of a large chicken egg and they are VERY mild tasting compared to most duck eggs. They were breed for that reason alone. The eggs are great for baking. They make the best cakes. Chefs pay decent money for the eggs. They will start laying at 6 months and lay about 345 eggs out of the 365 days that the year has in it. Congratulaions!