Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The dog who takes care of her flock

I am a few days late with this one, but it was a huge deal at the time. Last Thursday around noon, I was sleeping because I worked the whole night before. Kelsi came bursting in the room shouting that there was a coyote in the yard.  After grabbing my weapon of choice and nothing else I ran into the front yard in my boxers expecting the worst. The coyote was already gone, but not for long. 
(Not actual image of this story)

The next day, same time of day, I am awake this time. We hear the terrifying and unmistakable screams off the chickens in distress and we looked out the window.  To our surprise, the coyote is in our own window bay garden cornering the chickens and about to pounce. Again I grabbed a weapon and ran outside. This time I have Juliette in toe. We are screaming for Julies to “get him” “get him” and from the tone in our voices she knew that this four-legged animal was not here for a friendly visit. She immediately took an aggressive stance and ran the most impressive run I have seen from her in a long time. She took up chase and kept up with the coyote until he was clear of our land. She chased full speed for at least a hundred yards; this is very impressive considering her size and level of activity (with her kidney disease). The coyote came two days in a row and since Julies helped us chas him, he hasn’t been back.  
These are clearly not pictures of the chase, but what's a post without pictures?
Khma should not be left out of this post, she was on guard while we were out chasing that coyote,  and she did a wonderful job. 

We are feeling that we are very lucky lately. Coyote two days in a row with no harm to our lady friends, Kelsi gets a killer refund from the government, and I get a free class from the college! Life is great! The wedding is just around the corner!

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Callie said...

Coyotes show up around here too and if they are in packs will attack dogs. Even a single coyote will attack a small dog. I faced one down by the coop one day. Don't want to do that again. The coyotes were here first so I figure it is my job to keep the chickens out of reach. Very glad everyone is safe! Scary!

Barbara said...

Good Job Julies and Khma. I also have Coyotes. Mine actually come in pairs. Since I have put a radio in the chicken coop and leave it on 24/7 no more coyote. I have been told it is the voices that keep them at bay. Not sure just know it is working. At night when the chickens are safe and locked up in the coop I do turn the radio down a little. I have the radio covered with a box to keep chicken poo off of it.

John Gray said...

is kelsie a welsh or airedale I cant tell!
I have two welsh terriers....which are hopeless with potential foxes... my scotties are wonderful!
other than that get a couple of guinea fowl......they suss any fox out and will let you know straight away

good blog

John Gray said...

sorry I have just realside kelsie is not the dog!!!

Deorsa said...

WOW, Coyotes sounds kinda scary.
What brave little dogs you have.
My Girl bolts for the safety of the laundry whenever the postman drives up.

Mike said...

John, Juliette is an airedale. A great one at that!