Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Dog Days of Spring

Mike has been spending a lot of time building a chain link fence for the meaters. They will have a gate that will let them go into the field, but for the most part they will be separated from the laying hens and use so we can have an emotional disconnect. Well, that I hope at least. Im sure when they figure out the gate will be open, they will be meandering along with they layers all the time. 

It was cold outside and Khma needed her track jacket today.

She didnt seem to mind the jacket so much this time. She knew it was for her own good.

So, while we were building the fence and Julies decided it was a good time to dig a big hole! There must have been something really good somewhere in that hole, because she would not leave it alone. She was very persistent.

Her nose is so dirty.

Hole in one!
Ima getcha!
I smell ya!

... and she needs her hair cut.

Khma was unimpressed.

1 comment:

Mike said...

Khma loves like she is going so fast in those pics. Must be her savy track jacket!