Saturday, March 6, 2010

Details, Details, Details

So, I haven't posted in way too long. However, we have made quite a bit of progress on the wedding planning. I bought my dress, we decided on a date, picked a caterer, florist, photographer, DJ, ect. We had out engagement session in September. It was super fun. Here are a few examples of the shoot!

One of the only things I have been having trouble with has been the centerpieces for the reception. I am going for a garden theme. So far, they are terra cotta pots with Daisies planted in them and a little bird house. I need one more thing and I cant figure out what to put in there! I was thinking an old school metal watering can, but I have found they are kind of expensive. Anyone have any ideas?

Im not sure if we have told many people, but Mike has decided to convert to Judaism. It is quite exciting. He has been working on his hebrew nightly and is almost ready to got in front of the Beit Deen. He did his mikvah in Portland in December, so we are getting so close! I am so proud of him! We have a meeting with Rabbi next week to discuss the wedding details. Im hoping Mike with show off some of his hebrew skills them!

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