Saturday, March 13, 2010


I found this cool website through another blog's mentioning of their experience. The USDA has a plant preservation resource called the National Plant Germplasm System which tries to catalog all sorts of plants. Then, in turn, after research and propagation, the plants are available for "research" purposes, in which people can request plant seeds, starts, and much more. I just requested potatoes, yams, blackberry, raspberry, and some flowers that are deer resistant. I think the total number of different plants and starts I requested was 15 or so. So hopefully we get all that we requested and I will post an update of what we get when it comes and how awesome it is. Also it is free, so get your request in! Thanks for reading. let me know if you have any feedback (positive/negative)

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JenniferM said...

Wow! Cool stuff. Sounds like you are learning a ton. Thanks for sharing!