Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chicken in the Kitchen?

On warm sunny days, Mike and I have a habit of leaving the front door open. We do this because the fresh air feels so good and because it then allows the girls (dogs) to run in and out of the house freely.  We bought our first chicken last summer. Her name is Rhonda and she quickly discovered our habit of leaving the door open.

Today was beautiful. Sunny and and warm. I spent my time before work in the garden. At some point I went inside to fold some laundry and when I turned around, I saw a silly chicken coming in the front door!

Once she was in the kitchen strutting around, she decided she was thirsty and needed a drink from the dog dish.

She then decided it would be fun to walk around the kitchen looking for bugs.

What a silly chicken she is.

I sure do love this chicken. She stopped laying in the fall. I hope she isn't finished... but I think she is. Oh well, at least she is happy!


Callie said...

Glad you got a warm day. Cute hen and video! Her legs look white so she is probably taking time off regaining pigment.
This pdf explains the process.

Kelsi said...

Callie, thank you so much! I hope that is what has been going on. How long does it take for the pigmentation to come back? Do you know? She has also lost a lot of feathers on her butt. It is weird.

Anonymous said...

Totally cool that you love your chickens so much and enjoy them.

I am one to leave the door open on beautiful days. I now have a screen door. My wonderful husband built a screen door on our first house. I miss that screen door and wish I would have taken it when we moved. Only because Tim built it and it was wonderful.

Just in case you don't already know but, Chickens will lay eggs thru their 3rd year of life and then they are done. If she is young she may just be taking a break and in need of more protein. If she is missing her tail feathers due to molting protein will also help her feathers come back in. A handful of catfood just till her feathers come back in will help with the protein if needed.