Saturday, March 6, 2010

Changes in our lives

Last May, we moved into the best place possible! It is a Duplex, but we have a yard a bunch of land to play on! So awesome. We even have a chicken coop on the property! We couldnt have an empty chicken coop! So, we bought some chickens. We started out with Rhonda (pictured on my shoulder) and also bought some little chicks. It was so fun watching them grow and now we have 9 full grown laying hens and are getting about 8 eggs a day. It has been super fun.
Last summer, we were also able to create a garden. It proved to be a lot of work and the stupid fence didnt keep out the damn deer (the jerks ended up eating just about everything), but it was so worth it. This last week, Mike and I spent a lot of time preparing the land for this years garden. We bought a deer fence (to keep the jerks out) and put it up, got a bunch of manure and tilled it into the ground, and now we are beginning to construct raised beds. It has been so much work, but hopefully it will all be worth it when we are eating almost solely out of our garden! I am going to do a lot of canning and freezing this summer too. I would love for all of our veggies to last us through winter.
We got a whopping 7 new chicks this season and they are so damn cute. We have too many chickens... I just love them so much! They are so fun to have and we are selling the eggs we get. I posted some pictures of where we live!

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Nels said...

The deer leave us alone for some reason. We cursed ourselves by getting goats though. Last year they (and the turkeys) annihilated our veggie garden. The good new is we have now got them fenced in the field. But the turkeys will always be a problem unless we clip their wings :(