Sunday, October 26, 2008

How we met...

When I hear that people I know are getting married, a lot of the time I am curious as to how they met.  So, I thought I might document it here so when people are curious they can check it out and satisfy that curiosity.  Here goes...

When I was a senior in high school, I was in running start, which is basically free college in high school. I decided to go to Spokane Falls Community College.  My first quarter there, I decided it was a good idea to take a math class. First of all, that wasn't such a good idea because the teacher was ridiculously hard, but I can tell you that that class is where I first met the man that would later become my husband. Mike sat behind me in that class and would always try to talk to me and oftentimes walked me to my next class. I must say... I wasn't interested in Mike the way he was interested in me.  Plus, I was dating someone else at the time.   

So the quarter ends and I go to Israel for two months. When I get home, I go back for the spring quarter at SFCC and enroll in my first psychology class.  Guess who was in the same class! Mike was.  Somehow, we exchanged numbers and would text each other throughout the class when it got a little boring. After class was over, he would often walk me to my car and, even more often, try to kiss me. At this point, I still wasn't interested. So, these walks and kiss attempts were a little awkward for me!  But I have to give him props for being so adamant about pursuing me. He actually asked me out quite a bit and after turning him down a bunch... I gave him a pity date! We went to a movie and saw 'A Lot Like Love'.  Still... I wasn't interested. 

So, the quarter ends and I go off to school at Washington State University in the fall and we don't talk until around Thanksgiving of that same year. Somehow, Im not sure how, we begin texting again and made plans to go to 'lunch as friends' when I got home for winter break.  So, the days comes.. it was December 20th 2005.  He picked me up and we went to the Red Robin in downtown Spokane. It was nice. We laughed a lot. Then we took a little walk through Riverfront Park and laughed even more. We went back to my parents house and played on the ice for a little bit (my parents live on a the lake). Then... he kissed me for the first time. The rest is history!

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